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Beginnings: My Personal Journey into Health and Weight Loss

Hello World,

I'm Janine, and this is my first ever blog post on 'Living Big and Small'. I'm stepping out onto this virtual platform with a mission to share my story and, in doing so, hopefully to reach and inspire others who may be experiencing something similar.

For the past few years, I've been living a hectic life, juggling a demanding full-time job while working towards my bachelor's degree. The pressure and stress that came with balancing a professional life and academic commitments took a toll on my health, leaving little to no room for physical activity.

Couple this with thyroid issues that I have battled for years, and a metabolism that seemed to slow down with every passing day. Before I knew it, these factors had silently conspired to cause an unexpected weight gain.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic only added to the strain. It sent shockwaves through every aspect of our lives, mine included. The stress and uncertainty amplified, and my health suffered further.

But, this blog post isn't about dwelling on the past or being a passive observer of my own life. Instead, it's about taking charge and making a change. Today, I am ready to reclaim my health and my life. I am ready to start living fully again, not just existing or surviving.

So, what does this mean for 'Living Big and Small'? This blog will be a chronicle of my journey into health and weight loss. It will document my ups and downs, the victories and hurdles, and every moment of learning and growth along the way.

This isn't just a quest to lose weight but an exploration to understand my body better, to take control of my health, and to introduce sustainable changes that can improve my overall wellbeing—physical, mental, and emotional.

Over the upcoming weeks and months, I'll be exploring diverse areas of health and wellness. I aim to understand nutrition, find beginner-friendly exercises, appreciate the impact of mental health on our physical bodies, and much more. I'll be seeking advice from professionals, working on balance, and constantly learning to manage my unique health situation.

The old saying goes, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Today, I'm taking that first step. Today, I'm embarking on a path I hope leads to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

I invite you to join me on this journey, to learn with me, grow with me, and celebrate each step forward. After all, it's in facing our biggest challenges that we often discover our greatest strengths.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress and for more posts about health, wellness, and weight loss. Here's to living our best lives, embracing the big and the small, and always striving for better.

With love and anticipation,




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